Who We Are

We each have a separate story to tell, but together we are united!

Our Tales of Unity are stories about how we succeed (and struggle) to be separate individuals who remain united as a family (and as part of this world!).

Each of member of our family has unique interests, talents, quirks, and challenges. Sharing ourselves openly is hard (for some of us), but we are doing so with the hope that we can inspire people to rethink how differences effect relationships and the ability to succeed as a group. When we can learn to view differences as perks (adding to a situation), we can work better together. Diverse groups can find solutions to difficult problems, think more creatively, and as a result the world becomes a better place.

Our differences bring us together. We are happy to share the ways we stay united through our United Family Stories.

As you “Meet the Fam” it will be obvious that we are using nicknames. This is not an attempt to shield our real identities. Nicknames are just something we do in our family… So much so that it took us a while to decide which nickname to use for each family member. 

We are glad to have you here and hope you enjoy!